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Post » Thu Apr 25, 2013 10:49 am

Hey I'm doing a quick android toy app for a friend,
but I don't have any device to try it on for the moment...
Anyone wanna give it a shot to see if things work as they should?

It's compiled for android through CocoonJs and it's the first time I try the process
Here is the APK: Rabbits_debug_signed.apk

In html5 it looks like this:

-touch the background to make rabbits
-touch and drag them around
-drag them to the sides to remove them
-icon1 changes the background (I still have to make image #2 and #3)
-icon2 flips the rabbits colors
-icon3 takes a picture (it works in html5 but what happens in mobile?)

Does physics performance suck or is fine? How does it fit in your resolution?
As you rotate the device, the gravity should change and the rabbits should stick to the right "wall" for example in landscape mode. You can test that in the html5 version with the arrow keys.
Thanks!lemo2013-04-25 10:51:44
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