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I'm here to promote Rainbow Galaxy, a puzzle game developed by 3 people and other friends who helped in testing and translations.

Out now on Google Play Store!

Vote it on Steam Greenlight, please!

There are 2 game mode:
Story mode - Travels through the Rainbow Galaxy and defeat the evil darkness restoring colours to each planet.
Endless mode - Play as long as you can against time, colours and tricks.

6 Planets
Red - A volcanic planet with lava and heat!
Green - A lush planet full of vegetation and rivers.
Blue - An icy planet made of cold water and glaciers.

Discover the other 3 planets during your journey and pay attention to power-ups as they could help you or not!

I'd like to give credits to every people that made this possible:
Concept by Giuseppe Santangelo & Luca Monteforte
Programming by Giuseppe Santangelo
2d art, Graphic Design & UI by Francesco Segala
Main Character Design by Daniel Comerci
Music & Sound by Mauro Serra
Testing by Giuseppe Santangelo, Luca Monteforte, Mauro Serra & Francesco Segala
Translation by Valentina Alfano e Dario Antonelli

Here a video

and some screenshots

I'd like to receive comments (bad or good) as they'll keep us improving in future games.
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I am not good with jewel games so instead of "player" comment i can comment as a designer. I like you graphics. Look really nice and polished except "inside the spaceship" image on your fb acount. Besides that, it seems can attract jewelers at all.
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@onur , thanks :) I'll tell to the designer of your comment. I'm sure he'll appreciate it!
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