Random Encounter Post-Apocalyptic Game "Seeking Zion"

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Post » Thu Sep 08, 2016 7:39 pm

Ive started a blog to show my progress on a game I started called "Seeking Zion"


My goal is to make a new game every month. Ive done game jams and had great results in a weekend not sleeping or eating much... so why cant I finish my longer term games? Im hoping to figure out what my hangups are and to get rid of them in this process. Doing the whole thing in Construct 2.

Also today Ive asked for some help coming up with random encounters for a credit in the game- if there are any post apocalypse fans out there who would like to contribute. http://amonthlygame.blogspot.com/2016/0 ... nters.html

I would love any feedback or advice on the process. Thanks!
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