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Post » Wed Jan 17, 2018 9:05 pm

Im making a plugin for make random labyrinths but i want to sell it for the scirra store, the pack will have:

1.- The plugin (obviously).
2.- 6 or 8 examples.
3.- A documentation about the functionality, installation, expressions, etc.
4.- A beta plugin for Construct3.

What things can my plugin do?:

1.- Contains an array about each cell´s (Block) data (his ID, if has walls, elements).
2.- Option for Intersectional room games (represented with colors in this image) loading only the current room in the layout, ideal for make zelda type games.
3.- The inner room walls can be removed for open world levels.
4.- An interesent option that i developing is an "tag element" system. You can put a label that represents a Construct2 object and the AI places the label in various dungeon´s cells. what things can i put? Enemies, chests, keys,etc. and has an option to delete the tag for avoid replicated objects (example: take the same key or coin), the last example was maked for intersectional room games.
5.- Can load the object from a JSON file and save the current dungeon in JSON format.
6.- For metroidvania like games, the AI store tags for display mini platforms.


Any recommendation? I want to make public the javascript core code at least and the reason to justify the price is the plugin itself and the documentation.

Here is a small sample about the plugin and one of its examples




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