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We present our first project in AirConsole. Although you will also have an Android version, it will be in AirConsole where it is available in the first place.

Randy Run is a platform game in which we must save an old treasure guarded by small fairies. The evil Captain Boo has locked all the fairies in cages to try to steal his treasure. Randy, a young man who lives next to the Fairies, should save them and prevent Captain Boo from taking possession of the treasure.

It will have 9 levels and two levels to play in multiplayer mode. For the project, we have designed our own Controller for AirConsole, which will use the motion sensor of our Smartphone in addition to its touch screen to play.


We have today sent the demo version to AirConsole, and we are still waiting for it to be published. We hope to participate in the contest given by AirConsole and to opt for the grand prize, which will be invested in future projects.

You can see the presentation of the game on Youtube from the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2x2_kIA0q8

Greetings and thanks for your attention!
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