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Post » Sun Feb 05, 2017 3:54 am

The title basically says it all, but to provide more detail...

I'm at the stage where I'm integrating IAP's and I'm aware of the Construct 2 plugin for IAP. But I was surprised to discover there didn't seem to be built-in support for IAP or a clearly recommended Cordova plugin for IAP on the Cordova site.

My questions:
1 - Does anyone have first-hand experience with this?
2 - Which plugin do people feel is reputable?
3 - Does the C2 plugin map perfectly in its implementation to some kind of IAP standard on the Cordova side?

I feel like it's really important to "get this part right" and be assured in the security of this plugin. Especially since when you test these plugins you often need to enter your iTunes password (I realise I could create a test account; and I also realise that I can inspect the code of Cordova plugins on the native side).

Thanks in advance!
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