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Post » Sun Oct 22, 2017 11:59 pm

Just a quick update of what I've learned from fiddling around:

1. For me, Electron has the same recording problems as NWjs. This wasn't surprising since the problem lies with Chromium, not NWjs.
2. Reverting to the oldest version of NW listed on the Scirra site (v0.11.5, Chromium 38, 5th January 2015) fixed my issue of a black screen when recording through OBS. That's a relief. If this matches other people's experiences, then that means that simply using an old version of NWjs can make a game more streaming/recording friendly.

Would anyone happen to know which Chromium version started the more severe screen recording issues? I'm guessing it was around 50.
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Post » Mon Oct 23, 2017 7:03 am
Get everyone to star this. Also maybe a comment should be added that this affects all games exported with NW.js?

-- edit
Game capture works with NW.js v0.13.2 (Chromium 49)
Task manager showed 2 NW.js processes and I was able to see what the other one was with OBS:
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Post » Sun Feb 11, 2018 1:53 am

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Have you tried some Screen Recorder, like TuneFab Screen Recorder? I used to record gameplay so that I move it to my YouTube then I share it to my friend.
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Post » Wed Feb 14, 2018 12:09 am

I've been taking a look into this and the last version where recording is possible was 0.13.2 in the Scirra nwjs list, or 0.13.4 if you download it directly from the NWjs website. Unfortunately this version also has a bug where, if the player closes the game, nwjs will still run in the background, which is awful.

Any version after that just won't show up, not only in OBS, but other stream apps I've tried. I've googled a whole lot and it seems to be a bug with how Chrome uses DX11 - but it could be just speculation. One of the workarounds is disabling hardware acceleration, but that will make your game run like complete crap.

This is awful. This bug has been around for not one but two whole years, and apparently no word if it's getting fixed or when.

Edit - It also seems to work with version 0.18.7, using "game capture" instead of window capture. I'm going through some versions right now and testing them.

Another edit - I've ran a few more tests and apparently adding " --in-process-gpu" to the package.json allows the game to show up on OBS, when using the "game capture" option. However, resizing the game window makes the recording freeze and the only solution is to close and open the game again. Still, a pretty good solution! I'm glad I can use the latest version.
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