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Post » Mon May 25, 2015 8:01 am

Hi all, help make the user authorization for the social network "Vkontakte" for online games. What may be desirable in the plugin source code or a lesson, or anything on this topic. On this subject, almost none of which have found. Or how and in what direction to move ???
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Please post your questions on this forum in English or add a translation to your message. :

EksPRO1234 wrote:Hello everyone, helping to make the authorization of users in VKontakte, for online games. It is advisable to what may be a source or a plug-in or a lesson or anything on this subject did not find. : cry:: cry:: cry: Or, how and in what direction to go ???
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Vy dolzhny ispol'zovat 'Google Translate, chtoby sdelat' svoi soobshcheniya na angliyskom.
You will get very little response as hardly anyone talks/understands Russian.

There is nothing available for VKontakte, and you will probably have to create a paid job for this.

You could do it yourself but I fear it may be beyond your skill set else you wouldn't be asking.
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