Rename Linux & OSX executables after export?

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Post » Fri Apr 28, 2017 7:26 am

After exporting via NW.js, what is the propper way to rename the executable files in the Linux & OSX folders, so they show the name of my game instead of just "nw"?

For example, I know that in the exported Windows folders (win32 & win64), I can rename the "nw.exe" to "My Game.exe".

What would I do in the Linux & OSX folders to equivalently replace the default export name with the actual name of my game?

For example, in the Linux64 folder, if I change the name of the "nw" file to "My Game", would that work, or would it break something that's expecting the file to be named "nw"?

Any insight or suggestions are welcome. :)
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