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Post » Mon Jul 11, 2011 4:58 pm

With the previous forum software, this wasn't an issue because the search engine crawl bots didn't check profile pages because a person had to be logged in to view them - I'm assuming that isn't an option for web wiz?

I kind of liked when users could post links at their first post, because it made it real easy to tell who the spammers were and keep the forum clean. If they can't post links, and they post anyway, then there's no way to tell they're spammers and people end up pointlessly responding to them.
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Post » Mon Jul 11, 2011 5:13 pm

You could allow signatures, and not allow links to be clickable until a certain rep is earned, but fifty posts is a bit much, and will alienate new users.
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Post » Mon Jul 11, 2011 5:56 pm

[QUOTE=newt] You could allow signatures, and not allow links to be clickable until a certain rep is earned, but fifty posts is a bit much, and will alienate new users.
i disagree. 80% of my posts were gained in H&S section just for asking questions. it is recently when i turned more talketive. and hey - i got 200 posts.
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Post » Mon Jul 11, 2011 7:34 pm

sorry guys, but is that realy important? to have signatures? - clickable or not. I do understand that some wants to put links to their websites, but honestly, i don't think i ever clicked any of those links.
Rep points should serve as a trust meter. More you have, more stuff you can do on forum.

[quote]I'm thinking of making there be a 200 rep requirement to have a homepage URL in your profile, and to fill the about me fields[/quote]

Not sure about that, it's just a profile page. If you one to see someones url to his/hers homepage you have to go to hos/hers profile page - or maybe i'm missing something.

[quote]80% of my posts were gained in H&S section just for asking questions[/quote]

I don't thinks it's even possible to separate questions and answers on forum. I personally have gain more of my rep by answering questions and discuss in subjects then by asking questions - i usually ask if i realy can't do something by myself or if i found a bug.

agree with you The_Funny_Guy, you could easly get 1000 point by asking obvious things like "where can i found sprite objects" or "why c2 does not save as exe" - but where's the point in that?

There should be an info for newcomers just after registration, with huge letter saying "If you have a question try search the forum first - then ask". It's realy anoing answering same questions all over again.

Thank you, you're wonderful, drive save ;P

..for the_funny_guy, this google translate as
"Dziekuje, jestes wspanialy, dysk zapisac" lol :P
shinkan2011-07-11 19:47:41
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Post » Mon Apr 01, 2013 12:05 pm

personally I find it very annoying that new(ish) user cant have clickable links, and other users have to copy and paste links to get to demos, capx files etc. I also think that this makes the forum look unprofessional. I do on the other hand understand the need to have a system to stop spammers.

There is a soulation that I have seen on many forums, and also used myself. This is to have a forum called "introduce yourselves" (I know we have a thread, but it should be a forum). When a new user signs up, all forum features, apart from reading are disabled, however the "introduce yourselves" forum is fully functional, in other words a new user must post in the "introduce yourself" before they can do anything else. this forum needs to be monitored. after the new users post has been approved by a moderator then unrestricted access to the rest of the forum is granted
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Post » Mon Apr 01, 2013 10:15 pm

@zordork: It maybe works on smaller forums, but considering the number of new members that daily register to it's just an unmanageable solution.

Also having a "spam" area is not really constructive either.
We have a great community of helpful people, and so far people who really have something relevant to say do post when and where needed.
We'd like to keep it that way and so far it has proven to work.

Also please pay attention to the date of the threads you're posting in. Bringing back a topic from 2011 is not a smart move and frowned upon here.
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