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Post » Tue May 06, 2014 7:42 pm

Just a suggestion but it would be really nice if the action select menu had the option to show the items in a list view instead of large icon. My seek time when visually trying find what i want it slowed down considerably as alphabetical searching is generally a top down response as opposed to left right AND top-down together. Direct comparison is the control panel in windows 7. They notably screwed up finding what you want quickly by not offering a list view like was previously there in win xp. How many of us go dyslexic trying to find the option were looking for in a left-right/top down alphabetical icon view vs top-down list view? Not to mention naming conventions with longer names are cut off and i need to hover over to see the full string. Anyway I really love C2 and its not a deal breaker but could we maybe get this in the next release? Would be really awesome!

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