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Post » Wed Nov 13, 2013 5:45 pm

This topic is purely to make formal the request of some improvements to the brand new Tilemap plugin!

In order of importance:
1) Autotile: This is a common feature when you talk about tilemaps. Autotiles can improve the productive, avoiding mistakes, making it user friendly. A plus is the easy it can bring while using Tilemaps to paint a scenario using events.

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The comportment behind autotiles rely on simplicity, detecting the size and placement of tile and selecting the most appropriated combination of fill that placement without ugly edges.

This feature need to write in stone exactly how it will work, because it have different levels of autotiles around world, being RPG Maker one of the most famous.

RPG Maker keep tracking each tile made with autotile, and when you delete one of them, the system update the edges of the border tiles if they are made using autotiles.

This is different from Action RPG Maker, Stencyl and even Tiled, where you place using autotiles and if you delete or modify it after the placement, it'll not affect the other tiles, because they become normal tiles after the autotile placement finish.

2) Animated Tiles: This is also a common feature for Tilemaps, and combined with Autotiles, can make your job improve the quality and speed in a new level.

3) Mirror Tiles: I just missed it. It can cut to half size bigger tilesets, like 2048x2048.

I hope everybody support this request and it become a gain for everyone.
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Post » Wed Nov 13, 2013 6:02 pm

"There are a couple of tools such as pencil/stamp mode, eraser, and rectangle. Note the rectangle tool can automatically nine-patch your tiles if you have a 3x3 selection, making it quick to draw certain kinds of boxes in the tilemap."

And a Capcapx example.

It doesn't do 4 sided maps.newt2013-11-13 18:05:19
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Post » Wed Nov 13, 2013 8:58 pm

What TELLES0808 is asking for is far more complex and useful than the 3x3 9-patch automation. I'd love to have a robust auto-tiling tool in C2, but implementing it would not be trivial. Fortunately, tiled can get you 90% of the way. The other suggestions would be handy as well.
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