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Post » Mon Nov 11, 2013 1:06 pm

Well, I think HTML5 gaming is viable on mid to low end devices. I just also think if you have a phone which is about as powerful as a mid-range desktop, which is the state of the latest top-end phones, it would be nice to take full advantage of that - just like with a top end gaming PC you want to be able to run Crysis at 60 FPS, not locked to 30 FPS because the game designer wanted to try to improve the experience on weaker machines.Ashley2013-11-11 13:07:42
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Post » Mon Nov 11, 2013 1:35 pm

I understand the views from those who dont want this feature but I see it as an opportunity for us to be able to make C2 games that will be playable on a wider variety of hardware. @Ashley is right to enable this feature - if a device exhibits signs of suffering then the developer will be able to strangle the fps and preserve game-play. Thus those playing on $1000 phones will not feel short changed and neither will a 14 yr old who is using dads old Samsung.

I hear doors opening....
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Post » Mon Nov 11, 2013 5:01 pm

+1, a consistent 30 is better than something inconsistent.
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Post » Mon Nov 11, 2013 5:05 pm

@ashley. answered like a true politician! haha love you man!
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Post » Mon Nov 11, 2013 5:27 pm

Having the choice is always the best I think, whatever is the subject.
The more C2 has options, the more people can use it the way we want, depending on our targets and choices.
It's there, you use it or not, but it's up to you.
If it's non possible to do in Construct, ok, otherwise, for people developping on mobiles like me, it would be very useful.

Also I think most casual players are far less sensitive to framerate issues than we are - I remember a few years ago crappy software-rendered Flash games staggering along with a horrible framerate still going viral all over the web... and once I saw someone on a plane playing a Bejeweled clone at 4 FPS... completely rubbish, but they didn't seem to care![/QUOTE]

Exactly, and that's why too they will not see that they are on 30 and not a 60 ;).
You speak later on this thread about newer devices, but the fact is that as indies, i think we have to focus more on older devices than newer, to increase our target audience, and not to offer a bad gameplay experience to people with weaker devices. If the experience is good on older ones, it will be by consequence on newer, even if we don't unlock the full potential of the new ones.

Whatever, if you try to implement it, it would be nice!

(ps : i'm just concerning on mobile, so i just say this in that area)goldentreee2013-11-11 17:29:50
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Post » Mon Nov 11, 2013 5:34 pm


I see you've had an account for a little over a month. Long-time lurker before that? In any case, how much of a game have you made? Have you reached a position where your game is simply unattractive because occasionally the smoothness changes?

I've spent the last 7 months working on a game, and I finally finished it 2 weeks ago. I've paid out to get art put together for it, and put in hundreds of hours. I could release my game on PC, and get fine results.

The thing is, I have built the game primarily for mobile devices. It'll work great on a PC, but for now, that's not my specific target. I've been accepted by Tizen, but can't do anything about iOS or Android just yet. We don't yet have a decent exporter.

You're talking about XB1 and PS4? Construct 2 has been accepted for Wii U, and yet we don't have an exporter for that yet, so unless you are fine with waiting another year or 2, then go for it. I'm currently looking at the present, and at present, I have a game that looks great at 60fsp, and good in 30fps.

The problem is, on mobile devices (like my Galaxy Note 10.1 or Samsung Galaxy S3, or iPad3 - which I consider pretty powerful) - I'm getting speeds that fluctuate from 60fps to 15fps. This game has been built under the impression that Cocoon would eventually become worthwhile, and I've been testing my game frequently on my devices to ensure that it works. The only problem I'm having, is the physics, and as I'm certainly sure you're aware, accelerated physics in Cocoon doesn't work.

This means my game can not be released.

Clearly there's a difference between 60fps, and 30fps, right? Have you ever played a game that's smooth when you stand still, but ever so slightly jerky when you move? That's a bit annoying, isn't it? That's because you're comparing the two rates of speeds. If the game was ONLY slightly jerky, you'd consider it the norm, and wouldn't automatically make the comparison.

We're not asking to make this the default, we're asking to make this optional for if and when we need it. As ChrisAlgoo said, "a consistent 30 is better than something inconsistent".

*Also, note the spaces I put between my paragraphs. It makes it easier on the eyes. Similar to a steady frame rate...
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Post » Mon Nov 11, 2013 5:55 pm

Running at 30fps allows for more visual content packed into the scene.



While increasing playability for being steady. Also if you run at 30fps you have more leeway to add visual FPS gauges to add extra effects or not.

Why is always assumed people want it to just run off the idea to make sure it runs on lower end. Even high systems receive a visual performance upgrade for the developer to choose more rendering features over more rendering frames. And you can get more than double the rendering features for half the render frames. Even in 20 years where computers can render real life like visuals. Running at 30fps will still offer more than double the period of time for each 30fps frame to render more detail

But hey. Why not tell the creators of Gears of War 3 there game looks terrible because they wanted more visual candy over 60fps.

"There's a good chance many developers may stick to 30fps just so that more content can be packed into each frame. Epic Games is a good example of that which stuck to 30fps with Gears of War 3. "Our target is, and shall remain, 30fps," former Epic superstar Cliff Bleszinski said in an interview. "When asked about 60 we always respond that we'd rather have the extra juice to put more on screen and stick with 30."

For Gears of War 3, lowering the framerate meant adding multi-layered shadows, wind and particle effects, and levels that changed in real time. Sure, the next-generation hardware will be beefier and likely capable of 60fps, but sticking with 30fps may simply become a choice similar to what Epic Games made."jayderyu2013-11-11 17:57:41
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Post » Mon Nov 11, 2013 6:12 pm

Its still all conjecture. That's 3d C++, this is 2d javascript.

Show me the money.
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Post » Mon Nov 11, 2013 6:22 pm

@AnD4D. i understand your frustration and thus i will not respond to your insults,but the only one you have to blame is your self ,for putting all these man hours into something that it is not feasible with today's tools.
whatever YOU do to improve your game will always rely on other people work and it will not work as intended.that is the reason i posted on this thread to help people realize what is possible and what is not with c2 as to this moment.

there is no easy way around (although c2 in damn near) real programming.

have you ever paused to think for a minute what will happen if you successfully deploy your game to app store,you find a bug ,want to re upload and ludei releases v2021541 of cocconjs, apple changes something , and everything crashes?

i am not your enemy here my friend.i just want to point out that c2 team has VERY limited resources and it would be better to use that little time to something better.i want as more as you to produce an ios game and make 100000$ (yeahhhh!) but i am realistic and i know i just cant at this moment.
i know that i will become flamed for saying this but here it goes. don't spend man hours in something that you think it will work.most of the time ,it wont. and since we are not programmers we cant do anything to fix that.
love to you all!
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Post » Mon Nov 11, 2013 6:33 pm

I'd much prefer being able to set the resolution than the framerate. If I could force my game to a set resolution by changing the monitor resolution, that sounds like it'd eliminate any framerate wonkiness that may occur on slower/older devices that may try to run the game at a higher resolution than the machine is capable of, and would work (in theory) across multiple platforms.

In the long-term, as @Ashley said, why would you purposely slow your game down for machines that can handle it better? Though I say that with not really being worried about mobile right now, nor having tried C2 projects on mobile, so take this with a grain of salt, but...that seems kind of silly and short-sighted, and indicates to me it may be high time to see about optimizing your project if you're having framerate issues. The technology behind how C2 works is still relatively new, and it's only going to get better...so why hamstring yourself when there's so many interesting developments going on in the HTML5/javascript/jquery not to mention C2 world?

@jayderyu: That's a 100% false equivalence. Gears of War was designed to run on ONE specific machine with a known featureset and hardware configuration that is/was incapable of running the game at 60fps. C2 games are, in general, not developed under such rigid requirements. Comparing the two is about as inaccurate a comparison as I could imagine, putting aside the huge technological differences between the engine running GoW & C2.

60fps has for decades been the goal of game developers (on computers, at least, and in general consoles aren't so different) as that's just about where humans aren't able to tell the difference in fps any more. There's no reason that goal should change just because some hardware isn't capable of achieving it, and as it's been settled on as the standard refresh rate for LED monitors - I think worldwide? Not totally sure, but pretty sure - for some time now. The argument that prettiness outweighs gameplay & smoothness/responsiveness seems counterintuitive.digitalsoapbox2013-11-11 18:49:31
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