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I found the possibility in Construct 2 to have multiple Pathfinding behaviors for the same sprite or family, and different Pathfinding behaviors with different name for different objects. This actually seems to do nothing cause there can be only one (Highlanders !!) Pathfinding behavior at a time. For example, if you use multiple behaviors and set different obstacles for each one, only the first object or family declared as obstacle will be record and apply for all objects that use a Pathfinding behavior.

So why do we have this possibility in the editor that does nothing ? It would be really cool to have multiple pathfinding behaviors, with different obstacle maps for some projects.

A capx that illustrates the problem :
A link to a closed bug report about the same problem :

I really think the Pathfinding behavior should be improved. Also there's problem with the diagonals that some other people mention in the forums. My bug report on this : https://www.scirra.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=151&t=170406

@Ashley, please, can you do that ? It would be so great !
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