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on reddit i found an article about a nice procedural libary for 2D image generation.
is there something for construct2 too?

"This web demo uses HexaNoise, a library that takes a script and generates sections of 2D or 3D noise from it. The script can be compiled to OpenCL, or run interpreted. There's also links to the source code on Github, and to the documentation of the scripting language.

I wrote this as a flexible way to configure world generation in games, and made it a separate MIT-licensed C++ library in case others also find it useful. If anything, it's fun to play around with the web demo for a minute or two. :) To get started, click on the examples on the right, or hover over them to get a tooltip with a short description.

Note that the library has more functions than the web demo. You can make 3D noise, output in different precisions, sample from PNG files, use named functions and variables, etc.
http://www.reddit.com/r/proceduralgener ... e_library/
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