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Post » Wed Dec 10, 2014 10:31 pm

TiAm wrote:@Kan

Well, @Ashley works. Editor requests tend to go a little slower though; apparently it's a lot harder to work with than the engine itself.

I understand that, and I know how much work it must be for three guys, and I'm really impressed by what they've achieved ever since Construct Classic. Now that they are reading this, I want to make sure you guys understand that I never mean to say Construct isn't good enough already. I switched from GameMaker to Clickteam's products, and then from Clickteam to Construct Classic years ago, as I found it was even better than any other game-creation tool. And I think Construct 2 takes it to an even higher level, and is the first game-making software I ever bought. Congratulations on everything you've done, and thank you for creating Construct, and making it the way it is. :)

sqiddster wrote:what if you only want this layer in, say, half your layouts? you're stuck. (AFAIK anyway)

UberLou wrote:Global layers wouldn't work because you'd want different objects on your layers. Right?

UberLou and Sqiddster are pointing straight to what I am dealing with too.
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Post » Wed Dec 10, 2014 10:46 pm


Yes they do...more so than I thought, now that I look at it. I thought global layers automatically appeared on every layout; didn't realize they were 'opt-in'. Now that I look at them, they basically work like 'include' for layers.

Nonetheless, copy/paste would be handy for cases where you wanted to copy 'template' layers and iterate on them in the editor, without having to resort to events to reposition objects and tweak attributes.

On globals: I still wish the editor handled layer conflicts better. You have to be careful you don't duplicate the name of another layer on another layout, because the editor doesn't rename anything or warn you, it just overrides the non-global layer. For a game with many layouts, this means breaking out notepad++ and trawling for layer names.

Oh, and when I was playing w/ global's, I think I spotted a glitch: If you have a non-global layer on one layout, override it w/ a global layer on another layout, then DELETE the global layer, the local layer still says 'Global, overridden', and prevents you from placing objects on it. If you save the session and reload it, this corrects itself. Can you see this, or should I file a bug report proper?
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Post » Thu Dec 11, 2014 3:46 am

A problem with global layers is that if you have a bunch of layouts, and then suddenly need to add a new layer (even if it's global) you still have to go through all your layouts and manually add that layer, rename it, and move it to the correct spot.
This shouldn't be a problem if you plan ahead (I usually just duplicate the entire layout then change the event sheet) but for instance I recently updated one of my games to include a company's SKD and I needed a new layer. Had to add it manually to all of them, even though it was global. Being able to copy the layer and its name would have hastened that process tremendously.
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Post » Fri Dec 12, 2014 9:57 am

i agree, going trough all the layouts adding the layers is very painful

remembering all the properties effects and all that >.>

please, i want to copy paste layers.
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