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Post » Fri Nov 16, 2012 3:07 pm

Hi, I've been tinkering with Construct 2's free edition recently. I've noticed that the program lets me specify screen resolutions, but I'm missing the point of some things.

I started messing with the possibility of making a vertical shmup. The plan, should I eventually finish the project, is to purchase a license that lets me export the game as a PC executable. In a slight oversight, I began working on the sprites first but then it ocurred to me that I'd like to do something similar to Jamestown insofar as screen resolutions, letting players choose between several of them, but also to provide screen modes that stretch pixels or maintain their ratio.

So long story short, is it possible to simulate something like this in a browser for testing purposes without having to constantly change my monitor's own resolution? Also, is there some optimal window size for a pixel-based vertical shmup? Thanks in advance!
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