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Retro Space Shooter Template — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

Retro Space Shooter Template

This is a template for an infinity flying shooter game with all assets and files included.

This is virtually a complete game thats ready to play.

Whats included

  • CAPX file for the template
  • PNG & PSD files for all graphic assets in game.
  • Music & SFX files included.

All files are arranged in to seperate folders for easy navigation.

Game Description

  • Navigate your spaceship without hitting anything.

Simply fly up or down to dodge oncoming obstacles while avoiding walls above and below you that will damage your spaceship.

Flying too high or low will result in you hitting the wall. You also have the ability to shoot at obstacles, however only the blue obstacles can be destroyed.

Shooting occurs automatically when you tap the screen.


The graphics are in the style of classic 8-bit arcade games.

  • Touch Controls - Hold tap to fly up, release to go down. Spaceship shoots automatically when you tap screen.
  • Enemies - Blue & Red obstacles. Blue ones can be destroyed, red ones cannot. The wall will prevent you from flying too high or low.
  • Particles are used for effects. - Spacceship thrust and destroyed spaceship & obstacles used particle effects.
  • Health Bar - 2 lives. When you get hit, the player will be invincible for a short time while flashing, like in platform games.
  • Health Power-up appears every so often to increase health back to full.
  • Highscores are saved and a sprite and sound appear when the highscore is beaten.
  • SFX and Music settings are saved too. So you don't have to change them everytime you start game.
  • Arrays are used for storing settings.
  • Menu - Has pop-up button for credits & instructions. Slide-out menu for settings.

No third-party plugins are used.

This has been optimised for mobile - Approx Download 2.2mb - Memory use 4mb

Can be used for desktop too.

I think thats all!

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