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Post » Tue May 19, 2015 12:53 pm

I am not that new on construct 2 but I have a problem that I cannot solve at the moment, so I would like someone to somehow help me.

I created a game of 2 players that have 2 simple step:
1. move the character in vertical and horizontal space according to the value the pawn standing
2. add or subtract the value of tile by 1, given that the tile affected is not overlapping current pawns and pawn's last move

All the numbers are randomized and I have succeeded the 1 step. I cannot control the second one. Every time I increase the value by one it increases the value of the current moving pawn's number, not the one clicked. Is there any way to select a tile?

I am using rexplugins too, so anyone used to rexplugins might want to share some insight on this.
here's the link to download, in case you need to see the capx: Thanks
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