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I'm new to the forums and SC2. Previously developed for iOS and Android, released a few games/apps and have made a few bucks from it. Got recommended to check out these different tools for development and of all the ones available on the market, SC2 seems to be the one who fits my needs the best.

Anyhow, short question; As most of these tools with do the "raw" coding for you are still in development but I was wondering if there are any type of Roadmap for SC2? Would be great to see what the plan ahead is and if it will really cover all the needs that I have..

MrCe2012-08-31 08:03:05
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Look at this:

The past roadmap until r100, the biggest release until now.

Now, with the r101 at hand, we are waiting for the next stable realease.

I don't know what will be the future big plans for C2. I want to know too :)GamerGon2012-08-31 11:11:08
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Thanks buddy! Ill check it out just to get an idea of "what has been".

I assume that there wont be a really new Roadmap until a stable release but it sure would be interesting.
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