Robot Game Enemies Sprite 1 (Graphics)

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Robot Game Enemies Sprite 1 — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

Robot Game Enemies Sprite Art Pack 1

Animated character robot game enemies for creating 2D game.


3 character robot game enemies.

Include vector body parts/assemblies for your customize in skeletal animation software. (filetype .svg, .eps, .ai)

Already included in separate image files and sprite strip or sprite sheet (filetype .png).

Already included Additional game effects: muzzle shots, projectiles, impacts and explosion. (filetype .png)

Speed: 100 Millisecond.


  • SVG files you can open with Inkscape (Free Open Source Software) or proprietary software you have, and export in any image size.
  • SVG files can open perfectly in inkscape and other graphic programs.

For more details please see screenshoots, Thank you ^_^

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