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Thanks for trying it again scidave.

[quote:18x7i0gu]Another issue is the initial loading of the game. It just sits there loading the levels with no indication on what is going on. Some people with ADD may just quit your game before they even start. I would add a progress bar when the levels are first generated.[/quote:18x7i0gu]

I've added a progress bar to the level generator at least now you get an idea of where it's up to & how long it's going to take.

[quote:18x7i0gu]My biggest complaint is that you have no idea what level you are on or how you are progressing. It is very disorienting, which is perhaps intended[/quote:18x7i0gu]

It was intended to a degree. I just didn't want to plonk some text on screen saying "LEVEL 7". I'll have a think if I can come up with a more subtle indication of how far you've progressed and how far you've got to go. Maybe instead of a screen saying "loading level" I'll add some sort of overview map showing the start and end and your progression inbetween.

[quote:18x7i0gu]but the problem is when you die there is an option on the main menu for "last levels" and you have no idea if you are starting from the start or it actually saved your game.[/quote:18x7i0gu]

My bad. It isn't a saved game it just lets you play the last set of generated levels again from the beginning.

[quote:18x7i0gu]The difficulty seemed allright and I believe I was around level 15 or so before I died. I was expecting the further levels to be more difficult, but it seems like it is somewhat random on how difficult the levels were. I actually kind of liked this. One level you could just take your time running around picking up gold and collecting as much fire as you pleased and the next level it is a frantic race to find your way out.[/quote:18x7i0gu]

Levels are totally random so you never know what you are going to get, no matter what the level number. I was hoping it would make no difference to the game not having a diffuculty factor that got increasingly harder, just didn't want the player to have an idea what was coming on the next level/floor.

[quote:18x7i0gu]Also, the controls (as far as repeatedly pressing keys) felt ok this time and they do add to the frantic nature of the levels.[/quote:18x7i0gu]

Glad the controls felt better. I just like the feeling of hammering the keys, while on a low light, keep flicking on the map hoping to run into a flame somewhere. I think if in the same situation using a 'hold down the key method' you wouldn't feel as involved, as the character would move at the same rate in a low light situation as in full light.

Thanks again.
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