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Post » Thu Mar 18, 2010 8:17 am

Sorry it took so long to reply to this! I like the concept and can't wait for boss battles! I also think you should definitely let players equip the various weapons or armor.
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Post » Sun Mar 28, 2010 1:15 am

Thanks a lot varr.

Here is a new UPDATE:

[u:2nyjort5]Major changes:[/u:2nyjort5]

-You can build equipment by talking to people. In this prototype you can talk to two guys that build different armors. You have to bring them different materials in order to build a specific armor, the more materials you bring them, the better the armor. Each equipment uses one material to give the equipment special bonuses against certain types of enemies.

The new thing is that you can carry a limited number of items, and so you have to choose wisely which materials to gather. The materials appear in all the level, in different groups and quantities.

-You can equip different items too, in this demo you can just change your armor, but the system is in place to equip all kinds of things like helmets, boots and swords.

-Stats system like those new nice Castlevania RPG games.

Also, the game aims to be more like a mix between Commander Keen and Flashback in the platform behaviour, so you have to be carefull where to jump and so on.

Looking for your feedback on this:

1)what is it missing to be fun?

2)would you buy this game as it is but with better graphics?.

3)My idea is this, stop adding more features right now and start making the levels, better art and polish it, but If you guys think it needs more changes in the mechanic, then I'll work on it to make a better game. My objective is to sell this game for a low price as an episodic game, like those old Commander Keen shareware games, do you think it can succeed with this idea?.

4)Here is an idea, to make the game replayable I can re-set the level so that it gets re populated with different materials to gather, but in the same location, so you have to re explore the level to find the materials you want, what you think?.

Thanks a lot.

DOWNLOAD: http://www.funeffect.com/prototypes/RPG_Platform3.zip

Keyboard controls: Q for inventory, S to gather, Z, X, C to attack, equip, action and jump.
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Post » Tue Apr 06, 2010 10:30 am

I get an error as soon as I open that?
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Post » Thu Apr 08, 2010 2:24 am

I really wanted to like this new version, but just couldn't get into it.

1. Inventory system was a nice touch. Definitely needed for game.
2. Bringing materials to build armor was good too.

1. Stairs just don't look right when they spawn. It looks kinda messy. Maybe if you could limit them spawning overlapping stairs.
2. The movement and talking system was downright annoying. I found myself constantly talking to some guy that I didn't want to.
3. Spawning system seemed odd and sometimes I just couldn't pick up items.

Too answer your questions:
1. There isn't really an actual game here. It is just a demo of different interesting platformer/RPG elements so it isn't fun!! It could be very fun, but it needs to actually be made into a game first (like one short level).
2. No. It has potential, but you need to actually make one full level before asking that question.
3. Too soon to say.

Based on what I have seen you have the game programming/building skills to make a sellable game. The "game" is just to rough to be asking the questions you are asking.
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Post » Sat Apr 10, 2010 7:48 am

I tried it, had no idea what was going on (and I played the shit out of Wonderboy back then) and closed it.

Dude, you gotta make sure you present something that is at least playable before you'll get any worthwhile feedback.
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