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Post » Thu Jan 07, 2010 9:33 pm

Hey I've had this floating around on my hard drive and haven't touched it.
It's the beginnings of a JRPG style battle system. it uses families to deal with both player and enemy characters, so little programming effort...I hope.

I made one before this, but I was attempting to cut the RPG to the essentials so I kept trying.

I ended up making this, please feel free to use/ mod it.


^ the cap :D

The code is not the best, but it is a decent start just bare in mind it was made with an older version of construct, but put it into .997 and changed the "flash object" settings to work with it.

it also saves stats to the C:\ folder (at least I think that's where I put it) problem is it saves HP, so you may need to delete the file to revive yourself, unless I fixed it and don't remember (possible 8) )
Also, I have no spells or skills added yet...


(edit: press X to attack. )
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