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Sci-fi Evolution — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

Straight from the scenes of an epic blockbuster science fiction movie set comes the inspiration for our newest and freshest collection of Sci-fi sounds and effects. Epic Sounds and FX Sci-fi Evolution is breaking aural boundaries and ushering in an new era of sci-fi action and adventure.Made to make your earthly productions sound like theyre from out of this world, Sci-fi Evolution is all original and the next generation of audio assets that have been hatched from proprietary essential alien wave forms. Creating tension, mystery, movement and other worldly soundscapes that captivate attention, like a UFO in area 51, is easy with this radioactive armory of audio.

No need to spend lightyears trying to figure out what to do for the main deck controls or ambience of your enterprise class galactic star cruiser. Just beam up a clever assortment of potent, particle charged audio content from Epic Sci-fi Evolution into the cargo hold of your project mix and take your ease. Youll be able to outfit that scene with scintillating sci-fi vibrations. A massive compilation of more than 1700 audio transmissions make this sound library a down to earth deal and an astronomical value for any distinguished sound designer. Save Big Snag our Hybrid Game Sounds Sci-fi Evolution Universal Game bundle!

Download Detailed List Of Content

1,700+ files

1+ GB of samples

1+ hour of Audio

All in 44,100 .WAV, 16 Bit

Elite Indie Game Sound Library

Ready to Go Game Audio Assets

Aquire Next Level Evolved Sonic Content

Receive Innovative, Unheard of Sounds

Designed and Synthesized from Source

Immense Value

Perfect for Sci-fi

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