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Sci Fi Music Asset Pack — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

Sci Fi Adventure Music Asset Pack

This pack contains ten professionaly composed, recorded and mastered music tracks, once purchased you are able to use any or all of the ten tracks in your creative projects.

Each track in this pack is designed to evoke a sense of sci fi fantasy and excitement and can be utilised to add an edge of epic wonder to your video games or other projects.

The tracks in the pack are :-

Call To Arms

Cosmic Cook Off

Galactic Reboot

Hans Brother (Bass Solo)

Innevitable Fate

Messages From Beyond

Outer Rim

Sand Worms

Supernatural Whispers

Venture Outside

All tracks in this pack are composed, recorded and produced by Rob Southworth.

Other music asset packs are available to suit other genre of game including horror games, retro games driving and fighting games.

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