Scirra Store Asset Shows Zero Files Included in Package

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Post » Sat Oct 29, 2016 1:59 pm

Im selling this asset in scirra store ... -pack-2792 and it shows that the package contains no files in the "Files" Tab.

Here an image of the problem:

Now if I was interested in the asset and see no files containing I wouldn't buy it myself. So I was wondering a little why there is no file hierarchy shown. On my other assets or any other store item there is a file hierarchy shown under the "File" Tab..

Are there really no files included? Because I uploaded it and it got approved by Scirra staff. Also in the seller account site under versions listing the file size is written correctly 353 MB.

Like this:

I can reupload it if that is the case it's no problem for me just it might be one reason the asset didn't sell any till now because customers don't want buy an empty file :D
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