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Hello Everybody! I will not lose time to idolize the program because of the fact that I bought a few days ago (although with discount) you should understand that I believe in the project!
I would like to ask you a favor, I read and re-read the tutorial on multiple screen size and other threads in the forum, but I can not get a satisfactory result with the synergy Construct2 + Cocoonjs, I'll explain why ... for example I try to create a simple app for my galaxy s2 (800x480 resolution)and I put 800x480 resolution of the layout of the project, and all is ok.... then tried it with a friend's galaxy note (1280x800 resolution) and nexus tablet 7 '(1280x800 resolution), and appears to be a white stripe on the right side, now, as I said I've tried every solution described in the tutorial and in the forum, changed all kinds of scale mode .. and so I ask you .. how do you think I can solve this problem? Thanks in advance, I hope someone answer me
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