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Hi guys, I've been a member on this site for a long time then I went iactive... And I went back learning on this software and I've made a game that's going to be included for the Newgrounds Construct 2 Touch Jam. This is the first game I've made with Construct 2 :D ...

Description: A game with a message for our nature. The main objective of this game is to plant a tree that builds a better world.
Game Resolution: 1024*600 pixels

Play links: (Can't upload the game on the arcade since it's width is more than the limit...)
Play on GameJolt (bottom screen cut a little...)
Play on Newgrounds (bottom screen cut a little...)
Play it on Clay(It may be glitchy because when I've tested there, the controls went out of control)

Comments are welcome :)toadfrogs2013-04-20 01:41:02
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