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Post » Wed Apr 16, 2014 5:07 pm

Por favor preciso de um tutorial que explique como faz pra quando eu passar de fase o personagem ir na tela de seleção de fases e mostre que a fase 1 já foi passada e libere a 2 fase, eu já achei um tutorial a sim só que quando libera a 2 fase e você clica nela vai sempre na 1 já não sei oque faço mais, Por favor um tutorial mais simples tenho a que o meu arquivo vou postar para quem poder me ajudar baixem e olhe e vê oque esta errado por favor.
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Please I need a tutorial that explains how to do when I complete a level the character to go on the stage selection screen and show that phase 1 has already been passed and release phase 2, I have found a tutorial but only when releases the phase 2 and you click it always goes in 1 no longer know what it do more, Please have a simpler tutorial that I will post my file to anyone can help me to download and watch and see wHAT is wrong please.
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Post » Wed Apr 16, 2014 6:29 pm

1. Beginner's Questions are posted here.
2. Read this
3. Read Frequently asked questions
4. Use the search function (this was already asked a few times in the past)
5. Welcome to C2 Community :D Enjoy

Solution for your problem:
Levels/Rooms are the Layouts in C2. "System -> Go to layout" is what you need ;)
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