Senteza for ios help needed.

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Post » Tue Feb 21, 2012 4:40 pm

Couple of questions regarding Senteza for ios:

1,Does anybody use 'Senteza for ios' to convert there Construct games to 'ipa' files.
2, Does it work?
3, Is there any way to test the 'ipa' files on a windows PC.

Couple of cheeky questions!

4, Has anybody got a manual for it, that i could have ?

5, If the answer to question 3 is NO, would anybody be willing to test a Construct game that i converted using the trial version of senteza), and let me know if it works(plus FPS) on the iPhone (i think it requires a 'jailbreak' phone).

Project files (1.8meg)

File Contains 2 copies of the same game, with different screen res.

1, CowDerby1.ipa: Game 320X240,   Full screen in browser(scaled)

2' CowDerby2.ipa: Game 320x240,   No scale

3, Screen shot

Both files created with Sentenza for iPhone v14.

Thanks in advance

chrisbrobs2012-02-21 16:41:50
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Post » Wed Feb 22, 2012 12:14 am

I use it and 'm writing a tutorial about it.
I'll release it next week when I'll back from vacations.
It works pretty well but the only cons is that you need a jailbroken iphone.

Edit: Btw, it's SenteNza.septeven2012-02-22 00:16:51
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