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Post » Wed Sep 21, 2016 6:02 pm

@COGames when creating the new XDK project, do not click 'Start a New Project'. Instead, click on 'Open an Intel XDK Project'. Construct 2 supplies the information needed for this.

I did run into issue where the new project was now expecting certain files like splash screens and icons to be in a folder called 'package-assets'. I copied them from www and this eliminated the problem, but I am wondering if C2 needs to export differently now.

@Ashley Were you aware of this package-assets requirement? Thanks.
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Post » Thu Sep 22, 2016 10:42 am

Artpunk wrote:
TMAJA wrote:I like the look of your game a lot :D if you need beta testers I'd be happy to lend a hand! Did you produce all assets yourself?

Yeah I made all the artwork for the game, I like pixel art and I was making 2D art for other people's games before I started developing my own, so I have a bit of experience with 2D art and animation. I contracted a composer to make music for me though, which is nearing completion.

Im not sure what to do about beta testing actually... I wondered about posting the game on the Arcade and asking people to leave feedback on the forum here. Not sure if that would be a good way to do it... otherwise I only have a handful of potential beta testers, so I might take you up on that.

TMAJA wrote:I'm currently working on Kitten Chaos - available on Android right now: ... s&hl=en_GB

It's currently a pretty simple game about rolling really fat kittens past obstacles to their baskets. Starts slow and easy but gets much more difficult later on :). Nothing groundbreaking at the moment, but once I've got it sorted on iOS, I'm looking forward to the upcoming content I have planned for it! If you check it out and have any thoughts they are always welcome :)

Downloaded Kitteh Chaos. Ill pm you with feedback once Ive had time to play it a bit.

Thanks for downloading, any and all feedback is appreciated. Hopefully I'll get chance to pay you back with your project at some point :).

CDogs1964 wrote:@TMAJA I was one of those affected by black screen and my solution ended up being creating a new project on XDK. Just an FYI in cae you run into this problem.

Actually really appreciated this info, I was affected by blackscreen and this was the solution. Running well now!
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