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I'm making the main screen for a new game. I have one text object--called "options_button"--for all of the options. The default text is "CHALLENGE". I placed it into the room five times for each option:


At the start of the layout, I pick each instance of the object and change the text accordingly. That works fine.

However, I'm having trouble with setting text once I click on any instance of the object. For example, when I click "CHALLENGE", I want the text options to be:


I cannot pick individual instances this time, for whatever reason. Or maybe I can, and just don't know how. I want the first set of options to change to the second set of options...without creating another object, preferably. How can I accomplish that?


(6/20) SOLVED: I needed to run the System Pick All Instances event for the options_button object. Then each option text is checked...if the text is "CHALLENGE," it's changed to "SONG"..."FREEPLAY" to "LOCATION" and so on. It was a matter of simply checking the object.
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