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Post » Sat Aug 25, 2012 1:56 pm

So ive got a project with image sprites with lots of instance variables, and lots of code in various event sheets, layouts and layers.

Many of my projects are skinned variations on a game. I need to be able to share code in some way. I can cut and paste images between projects, but lose the instance variables.

I can cut and past actions, but this never works as it always says the objects dont exist even though I created the same objects with the same names in the new project.

Is there a handy way to do this?

To have to manually enter all the event sheets, assets and layouts for common items (of which there are a lot) is not ideal. Also, if I improve or fix a bug one of the "library" items, I have to manually edit each correpsponding event sheet in 30+ projects, and retest them all just in case I made the construct 2 equivalent of a typo.

The other real problem is when you find a show stopping bug in the current version (e.g. crop full screen mode broken in R100), you ahve to go back to a previous version, which means having to re-create all your work done in R100 in say R95. Is there any way to do this?

Do people manually hack the XML files from the mutli-file project save?nutmix2012-08-25 13:57:04
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