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Shooting Range Template — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

In this template youll have a basic shooting range, with touch controls, different size targets, moving targets and not to shoot targets that makes you lose points. Theres a combo system that extend the time as you score more points. And also integration for leaderboards, achievements, share and ads.

We use cocoon's plugins for Google Play, Game Center and Share functions and spriteFont+. All of them are inside the zip file, inside the "Plugins" folders. We also use the LiteTween behavior found in the "Behavior" folder.

If you prefer you can download the cocoon's plugins here:

And the Lite Tween here:

They're all free to use.

The fact that we used cocoon's plugins for those functionalities doesn't mean you need to use them, the logic works for every google play and game center plugin. Just the Share one works exclusively with the cocoon share plugin.

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