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Post » Wed Sep 14, 2011 3:56 am

Hello! In middle school, we had a 'Shut the Box' thing where you roll dice and sum the total on the dice, then you brought down the numbers on the top, that ranged from 1-9, that would equal to the total of the dice. You brought them down and could no longer use them, and repeated this process until all numbers were down.

I made the very same game in construct for fun. Took me like an hour to make overall. It plays fine and I have not run into errors.

I plan to make bigger games than this, but I am releasing this so I can stay more motivated on my projects, because most of the time I get bored or get a better idea, and abandon the project I am working on to work on the other idea. Hopefully I can make more short term projects like this and eventually get to the point where I can release updates after working on one thing for maybe a week or so, or something like that.



Thanks for playing! Hope to bring better games soon!Phobos0022011-09-14 04:04:58
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