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Post » Sun Feb 23, 2014 11:06 am

Sida Semen is a joke game meant to make a silly laugh. We needed a relax to prepare for our next major project, so we said "might as well make a stupid game." 8-)

So there, we have Sida Semen, an impossible Semen game. All the goals you have to do in this game are getting the points as more as possible and don't be killed by the HIV virus ;) Of course, the game is also has a mini achievement board. With a little more care, you guys can achieve them easily :o

FYI, Sida Semen is joining in a small competition of Greedygame. Please click the rate button, even share the game to your friends if you really like it! :D

You can play here:
(Also thanks Alex Vu for his support)

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