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Post » Thu Jun 27, 2013 3:13 pm

You didn't understand the goal of clamp. clampx(val,min,max) is a function that will return :
val if min<val<mx
min if val < min,
max if val > max
By changing like you did, you set the minimum progress to 0.5, so the movement was half done from the start.
I modified your last capx to include a textbox for you to change the speed on the go, and see how it works. On my computer, you could clearly see the difference between 0.1 and 10 for example.
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Post » Thu Jun 27, 2013 5:23 pm

Cheers @Guizmus I think I get this now. . .

The 'Speed' Global Variable adjusts the movement speed between 0 and 1.
(I didn't type in a decimal number like 0.1)

Set progress to clamp(progress + dt*Speed, 0, 1 <--Breakdown

1. Clamp regulates movement between, under or over the minimum & maximum (0 & 1)
The value will return to a position if X-Value is lower than the minimum, hence being able to scroll back if you press a button for the 2nd time.

2. 0 and 1 represents non-movement & movement. When I added 0.5,1 at the end of "dt*Speed" it seemed faster because the scroll began in mid-movement (0.5)

3. I'm not sure what the 'Progress' variable does. I initially thought it was the Speed Global Variable. I then thought 'Progress' meant movement or non-movement, like a toggle switch. 0=false. 1=True

I really appreciate your example, I'm enjoying learning how to solve these logic puzzles. I hope I understand the concept of Clamp now, I read the manual.

AleXNECROKRIEG2013-06-27 17:30:39
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