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Post » Thu Dec 04, 2008 9:27 am

just few ideas...

Object Properties:
- was thinking about sorting Effects List for screen, multiply overlay and all that kind of effects, wouldn't be better to put a combo box called blending modes somewhere near Filter in a "Common" menu? Personally i think the effects should be more like Blur, Distort, Glow or Flame 'cos they do something with the object and not only change their...hmm...blending modes :wink:
- same with layers properties - "blending modes" just below/above "filter" could be more natural.

Layout Editor:
- past in place
- unhide, unlock by name
- zoom in/out with mouse wheel (without holding ctrl) - human lazyiness, sometimes it's hard to reach for the keybord :?

Picture Editor:
- Edit Box or something for entering and showing X and Y positions of Hotspots and Image Points (sometimes you need to move them lets say few pixels down and then you have fun trying to set them in proper position - i mean it's not that necessary but would be nice)
- setting Hotspot/Image Points for many frames (ctrl+frame on The Filmstrip?)
- Button for Circle and Rectangle to automatically fit them to image size or maybe edit box to enter size of them (same for elipse select and rectangle select)
- Fix rotation (after rotating an image transparency is gone)
- sometimes with big zoom in i can't see edges of my image and can't modify pixel on that area - maybe it's possible to drag the window behind bounds of the image window?

Event Sheet Editor:
- make a link or something for different values - ie. "Sprite.Value('Variable name')" would be easier instead of typing the name of that variable to let it open a list and choose existing variables for that object
- same thing with Layers - instead of typing the name or number of Layer just pick existing one from the list

- is it possible to place an icon of the first frame of current angle animation instead of that grey clockwise arrow? could help with navigation.

that's it
...for now :D
tell me what you think about that

best regard.
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