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We're a group of students developing games for a Smart Board Table ( using Construct 2 with Html5 export.

When exporting/importing to the Smart Table environment you use an App-Packer that SmartTech provides.

--Problem description
Our problem is that our sounds wont play. They work in preview in Construct 2 and they work if we upload it to a website and run from there.

Though, when hosting at school through their webpage the sounds wont play either. We're thinking that's a server-setting blocking it.

We looked through the .js file and noticed a line saying :
"     case API_PHONEGAP:
               this.instanceObject = new window["Media"](appPath + this.src, null, null, function (status) {
                         if (status === window["Media"]["MEDIA_STOPPED"])
                              self.pgended = true;
                              self.stopped = true;
                              audTag = self.tag;
                              audRuntime.trigger(cr.plugins_.Audio.prototype.cnds.OnEnded, audInst);

We're not sure if we're interpreting this code correctly, but does this mean that our game tries to open a new window only containing the sound and play it?
If so, could that be the problem, the Smart Table not letting the game open a new window?

We're fully open to all suggestions on how to solve this. Editing .js code, trying plugins...
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Post » Mon May 06, 2013 10:43 pm

No code-wiz out there with any input in this matter? :/
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