Show us your completed creations made in Construct 2

Post » Sun Aug 30, 2015 11:48 pm

You are ShredDog SnowBoarder and you live dangerously!

Guide ShredDog down the mountain side while avoiding hitting trees. Slide through the flag gates, hit the ramps, take out slow skiers and make sure you hit the finish line gate.

This game was a blast to make and a blast to play.

The mountain layouts are generated randomly so you get a new challenge each time you play.

This is a single level game for now and I developed it to learn how to scroll objects and make a character appeear to be snowboarding. Eventually this will be a much larger game with more screens and challenges but for now this is a complete game and includes leaderboards.

So come give it a try and let's see your shredding skills!
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