So What Is Your First Impression Of C3?

Post » Wed Mar 29, 2017 12:07 pm

Hopefully this is a good foundation for better things, but at the moment to be honest it feels (from a user perspective) that all this development time could have been spent building on what you already have and really making something refined and special rather than reinventing it so that it works in a browser. It all feels a bit one step forward, two steps backwards - but I guess it's still early days.
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Post » Wed Mar 29, 2017 12:12 pm

The only thing that wasn't immediately apparent when using it for the first time, was that there was no indication on how to add new behaviours/effects. Right clicking or double tapping reveals the option, which is fine as it's less cluttered I suppose. I only mention that because something that puzzles me for 1 second might confuse a new user for a while. Perhaps I'm the only one though.

(Along with not being able to see the closing X icon in the windows at a glance, that I mentioned before.)
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Post » Wed Mar 29, 2017 12:42 pm

It's an odd situation. It's hard to not like it because its just C2 in a browser and i like C2, but at the same time its hard to like it because it's just C2 in a browser and not really C3.

I played with it for about 10 minutes but it's not easy to get excited to use what you've essencially been using for 7 years, albeit now with some annoying browser limitations. Since then i havent been compelled to try it again.
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Post » Wed Mar 29, 2017 1:01 pm

So far seems pretty sweet, I have a quick question though... Can't get to use the separate Monitors as promised. What am I missing, can't detach like a pop up window the layout view (as the example in the blog post) and drag it to the other monitor. Is this functionality available in the beta? And also, is the sprite sheet functionality available as well? I really want to see how it works.

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Post » Wed Mar 29, 2017 1:05 pm

I love the new start page! I now like c3 but what I can see it's that is full of bugs!!!! Too many

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Post » Wed Mar 29, 2017 2:59 pm

closing X icon in the windows you can't see it right away you really have to focus to see it.
Didn't know how many projects were open after closing their event sheet and layout of each project, I thought the project were close till later on, I found out that I had like 10 projects or more still open from the demos, Temples and Examples
Adding instance variables and behaviors I had to figure out scratching my head, but I guess I just have to get used to it. activating the grid the same hiding.
I thought they will add more new official behavior but I didn't see any, just some improvements on bullet behavior wich you can now toggle step for collision accuracy, and the other one is the Pin behavior wich looks cool.
but they are many behaviors that we need very often still missing, that it should be on the official behavior
Example: proper Rope behavior it's one thing that many games use, I needed that many times in the past for my ideas but I never could manage to implement them because of the rope thing missing, I know that are many good examples on the forum but all them use physics wich brakes the links if it stretched to strong the rope and the links start going crazy no that good for a game. maybe with the new Pin that has Rope Style will work, don't know I will have to try.
And many more.

I love the new start page more organized and has many help examples and temples looks really cool, will be very useful.

The performance and speed were good it only crashed once. I still would love a desktop version feels more comfortable, it's strange I was so happy to go back to C2, where it should be the opposite because I really wanted to like C3, but nothing really catch me to make me stay on C3, I guess I should give it more time.
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Post » Wed Mar 29, 2017 3:20 pm

lamar wrote:I would be interested in your impressions.

After a day, I can say my first impression is me thanking myself for knowing Unity. I see nothing about C3 that would make me pay the subscription yet. I would never use this browser engine to create a large project. If I want to make asteroids or a match 3 game, sure, but nothing complex.

The UI is about the same as C2, but somewhere the designer forgot how to design. I won't mention those things here as there is another thread about it. The inability to test all features at the moment is hindering even if I understand their reasoning. I think they should have had an alpha test first with a closed group and then open it up to the public for beta-testing everything. Though not all things work, everything I tried seemed to be okay.

Importing sprite animations was fine, and using the behaviors was easy, but the pop-up window should have a list of behaviors to choose from or at least a plus button so people would know to click it. Right now it's just a blank window. If I had never used C3 before and clicked the Behaviors link and saw that empty pop-up box, I'd be like "um, where are all the behaviors?" (Seems @Ashley is fixing this for the next build.)

I could go on, but no. C3 is not for me. I look at it right now as an engine to make browser games, not something for serious game development. But then again, I always knew that.
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Post » Wed Mar 29, 2017 4:07 pm

I like that it has more upgrades above the old ui but I do not like the browser support currently
I have vivaladi which is a chromium based browser and it doesn't work regardless of how updated it is
I have swiron which is a chromium based browser and it doesn't work on their as well
it only works on the worst browser of all for stealing your information google chrome
and I really dislike that but otherwise I've found it slightly cumbersome to use
but I managed to get a pre-rendered 3d scene into the layout and put 2 hand drawn sprites
and have one of them zoom in on the press of any key leading the way for me to refine it so
that it appears like the hand sprite is going into the distance I hope otherwise I probably won't be able
to use this engine... and I don't know if their are any other decent alternatives to this.

I don't mind that it's in the browser but I need it to work on the browsers I am using .
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Post » Wed Mar 29, 2017 4:19 pm

So far it looks familiar to me as I'm a C2 long time user. I loaded up my Simple Space Shooter game to test it out. The whole game is just 37 events however the interface still says "This project exceeds the trial version's limits..." I'm assuming it's because of the groups (which should be included in trial versions as it is great for organizing a game eaven if you're limited to 100 events) Other than that the game worked and tested out ok.

I havn't been able to try it on my mobile yet... it keeps saying I need a newer version of chrome... there's no updates I can make so I'm guessing its just being picky.

I still have to give it a try on my linux comp. I'll see how that goes. I'd love to just open up a project whenever/wherever my ideas are flowing or whenever I have a break rather than wait to get home or carry a usb dongle around. The google drive/other clouds integration is golden for me.
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Post » Wed Mar 29, 2017 4:26 pm

Well I was and remain sceptical about this browser based editor (still don't see the point of C3 so far) but at least the new demo games from Tokinsom and 7soul are top-notch quality. :P
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