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Post » Tue Jun 01, 2010 8:51 pm

Hey everyone,

I've been quite humbled by all the effort some people have put in to promote Construct recently, so I want to try and do my bit as well, to make the most of everyone else's efforts. I've gone and signed up for some social networking stuff to help keep everyone up to date and promote some cool stuff in the community.

I'm new to Twitter but it seems a cool way to post quick updates so if you have it, become a follower! (I think that's what you call them anyway :P)

[size=150:1irs1i76]Facebook page[/size:1irs1i76]
I didn't actually sign up this page, but it's got a few fans already so we can make it official. I forgot who created it - who are you? Maybe I could be made an admin to post updates? :) Become a fan if you're on Facebook!

[size=150:1irs1i76]YouTube Channel:[/size:1irs1i76]
There are already some cool videos about Construct scattered around YouTube, so I signed up an account and collected them together in some playlists. Mary Jane's latest showreel is up there too. If anyone has links to other cool Construct YouTube videos, post me a link.

These are all listed on the main site front page now as well (including a news update for the first time in ages...) to give them some extra exposure. We get a bunch of regular hits to the main site so hopefully that will help people get involved :)

Anyways, thanks to all the dedicated people who work on this, hope this helps, and if you have any more suggestions let me know! :D
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