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Hello everyone,

We've been really enjoying Construct 2 and its features, it is an awesome tool.

Recently, we tried to make a small game with the Construct's Multiplayer tools, but the Peer-to-peer model is really disappointing for what we've been trying to do.

Let me explain, in a multiplayer peer-to-peer-based game (take the Scirra's Chat or Game multiplayer as examples), everything works fine, until... well, the host leaves the game. No matter what the problem is, connection drop or a huge lag (that is really common in many places), the other players are kicked out of the game.

Peer-to-peer-based multiplayer method scenario

As we couldn't find out how to handle the host quit (like making another player as host, take a GTA V Online session as example) we saw as solution the second method that https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/892/mu ... pts/page-2 Scirra has listed in their tutorials: "Central server based". That allows a "server" to be the host, and players can simply play and quit without any problems.

Central server-based multiplayer method scenario

The problem is, Construct 2 provides examples only for the peer-to-peer method, and not for the central server.

We found out something called https://www.scirra.com/store/game-makin ... server-161 "Multiplayer signalling server", but as far as we could see, it's only a secondary server (in case you don't want to use Scirra's hosted one) for the peer-to-peer method.

Finally, I would like to request some "light" from Scirra or anyone here. An example, a tutorial, a sample project, anything that could help us to try out the central server based multiplayer method.

Thank you!
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blackhornet wrote:https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/1003/tic-tac-toe-part-3-multiplayer-with-a-lobby

Hello and thanks for answering me.

I really didn't see that tutorial, and thanks for the link.

We'll be trying it out.

Thank you a lot. :)
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