[SOLVED]Can I rotate an object towrads a position slowly

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Post » Fri Apr 11, 2014 9:17 pm

- Rockwell, cant found that plug-in either but thanks for the info. I will be looking after it.

- R0J0hound, you are right it would work if i create a function that starts a session to set angle every tick of the game when player clicks, and when clicks again, reset it and start another one. I would do it like this if i were writing this in spagetti. What i am looking was shortening the time to develop games when i buy this product. C'mon it is a very basic animation for a game to turn an object. I thought i didnt knew how to do it with construct 2.

Now i solved the issue by turret behaviour. (attached)
When player clicks i create an invisible target for the turret. Turret makes the object slowly aim to the target. But target dissappears before turret fully aims. Like 30 degrees.

Why i am so obsessed about not aiming fully but some degrees is, im trying to make user constantly click or tab the game. It gives harder control over object and force player to make movement strategies. In full version player tries to catch something within a time withouth hitting tings. Also clicking that much needs full consantration with a suspicious kind of addiction to the game (doesn't works for everyone see flappy bird).

Thank you very much for your attention everyone
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Post » Sat Apr 12, 2014 2:49 am

I fail to see how it's like spaghetti however after re-reading your op I also see I missed some details.
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