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Post » Thu Jun 03, 2010 1:20 pm

feel free to ignore if irrelevant :)

* Ticks next to toggle-able things is a must (such as turning on/off the properties bar from ribbon).
* 'Suggestions' should be listed for common typed events (such as TimeDelta)
* When clicked, objects should highlight which layer they are associated with in the layer bar and an entry to choose/show layers under common or properties.
* show object tree is broken, restarting fixes it.
* crash: image editing, using stretch dots to invert an image crashed the app.
* Project tree double clicking a tree item should swap to its properties
* right click, 'launch explorer' crashes.
* I think that the properties tab should be on its own bar (and should be swapped with the objects bar) as it is often hidden when needed.
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