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Post » Wed Dec 03, 2014 2:18 pm

So I'm making a strategy RPG game and I'm going to need some very hefty UI elements. Anyone have some tips or examples I can use so I'm not reinventing the wheel?

Like here's a screenshot of what I need, except there's no behavior attached to any of this: Do I need to have a "on start of loadout" event to pin all of these objects together? I don't see any native support for scrollbars, so should I use this tutorial ( ) or is there a plugin I can use?

Edit: Huh, my URLs got deleted. I attached the picture I was referencing. The tutorial is scirra /tutorials/1217/custom-scrollbar-or-slider
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Post » Sat Jan 24, 2015 10:20 pm

This is how I would do it:

Add drag and drop behavior to the scrollbar, in it's properties select Vertical only under Axes.
Now set its limits (So it can't be dragged off the screen) likes this:

ScrollBar | Compare Y > Lower Scrolling Limit --> Set ScrollBar Y to Lower Scrolling Limit
ScrollBar | Compare Y < Upper Scrolling Limit --> Set ScrollBar Y to Upper Scrolling Limit

You can then read the Scrollbars' Y coord and use it for whatever you want.

Here is a .CAPX example:

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Sorry for bumping an old thread, but I thought it might be usefull to some.
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