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Post » Fri Mar 31, 2017 7:21 am

Okay, so I've been having many more issues with the mobile version than with the desktop version.
I had a few problems regarding the image editor:
Often it doesn't work, aka it doesn't do ANYTHING when dealing with "large" images (250*250 large)
And sometimes, it unloads the icons:


Also I've been having some issues regarding the pannels.
On the layout, you can't get out of the left pannel (or hardly), it lags a lot, and 9 times out of 10 it opens the right one. In this image my finger is in the middle, dragging from right to left


Note that this doesn't happen in the pannels of the image editor. In the image editor, the left pannel appears but the right one stays where it is, so they overlap each other:

Here the right animation pannel overlaps the left one.

It's a lot clearer when using the color picker as the left pannel:


Then I found a bug in that same color picker pannel. Got to it, tap the Alpha textbox, and hit "Next", like this:


Then the right pannels get all weird. First, then appear, and you can drag one of the two right pannels to the left. This is what happens when you hit "Next":


And this is what happens when you drag it to the left. Note you cant drag it back to where it should be.



So now I covered the few issues with the side pannels, now I have three requests to make.

1) Disable the "return" button. Because it exits the page and doesn't save anything. When I come back, C3 is reset and I lost all of my work.

2) Add a way to control the size without having to go through the side pannels. I don't know, but as is, and as the pannels are all laggy and buggy, it's a pain to resize an object. Plus as the pannel is covering the entire screen, it's not precise at ALL.

3) Add an autosave when pushing the return or home button. Because, sometimes when pushing the home button or when changing apps in general (to go answer a message for instance or take a call), when I come back C3 got resetted and no save has been made.
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Post » Fri Apr 07, 2017 12:34 pm

Can you file individual issues on the new GitHub tracker if you still have trouble with r16+?

It's difficult to get the entire animation editor to work on a tiny mobile screen, because it has so many features and so much UI. We might try to resolve this by removing or hiding more features rather than trying to fix absolutely everything.
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