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Post » Mon Jan 19, 2009 8:20 pm

So, yeah. Excuse my laziness, but perhaps this would bring certain -much- needed features to spotlight.

Image Box
Like a regular box, only that its content is filled with the image. Unlike sprite or tiled background, however, this contains only a non-tiled image and by option a border. Very simple image container.

Table Object
An object that would create a table - rows, columns, cells etc.; it should have a method of directly outputting the Array or Hashtable entries.

Text input
The windows control is too rough around its edges; it is not quite customizable and looks ugly. A DX9 alternative would be nice; moreover, it would be able to have an ever-so handy PV.

Menu Objects
For DX9 runtime, please, not the horrid application controls. Highly customizable and an important ability to have a PV. Buttons, simple controls for manipulation etc.

We need some sort of an attrutibe, an Identifier, which would mark DIFFERENT objects and instances to be pickable. For example I'd use an identifier named "GUI" and eventually when I press a button I want all objects with that identifier to disappear - i.e. become invisible - no matter the object type.
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