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Post » Sun Dec 13, 2009 9:55 pm

To make the life of constructors easy (i.e, tweaks for usability)

In the project explorer:
One should be able to right click event sheets and get options such clone, open (I know you can double click, but still), etc.
Come to think of it, clone would be great for many of the items in project explorer.

Project Canvas:
Right clicking or slow clicking on an object will have a rename option.

Picture editor:
Please, please, PLEASE add support for Alpha Lock

Event sheet editor:
Add options for New Group and Comment in the right-click menu of: [color=#FF0000:ix90bql7]+ New event[/color:ix90bql7]

Most of these are simple tweaks, but would make the life of a constructor much easier. Please look into them.
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